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My work begins. Each one of these blocks weighs 20 lbs. I figured I'd get the ground & blocks all leveled then put the liner down and the blocks over. This way I did not have to work under the liner very much. Note the weeds. HA! Tomatoes and peppers in the one L.

Looking West. See Kiwi. Note tulip bench. I won that in a Master Gardener raffle with $7 in tickets. :o) Course look what it cost me to display it!  Sorry no installing the liner pictures, but putting an EPDM liner in a rectangular hole goes in super slick. Blocks were put on top and liner up the back side and wedged between gray blocks and red. I also laid & leveled each one of the red blocks, but Kris cut the odd shapes for me. Fish spitter is solar powered, works great. Note panel in the one raised bed. The orange goldfish you see is a heron scarer.

Close up. Virginia & Evelyn Randig were open within a week after they were put in the pond. Note skimmer pipe at the right end of pond. I try to keep the water level at mid-block. Pond is 6' X 15' and a tad more than 2 feet deep. At this time it has no filtration and contains only 2 oranda goldfish, who I just found out  were of the opposite sex. Little black specks are now swimming around in there. Water has remained clear due to low fish load, high plant load.

My "area" which my DH claims every ponder has hidden somewhere, a kiddy pool for extra plants, and the stock tank that held the tropicals till the above pond was finished. It's also my quarantine tank. Now it is holding seven 1" baby koi from my koi ponds spawning this summer.

Lily pond area from the back yard looking toward the front, note bench.

Enter the gate. The garden area had to be leveled, then we ramped the entrance with large pavers.

August 2001.

The eventual plan is to plant the cement blocks with Irish moss and the pond will keep them watered.

Looking back towards the gate. Tomatoes and Peppers, produced well even though I got a late start planting.

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