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The veggie garden looking west (note the Kiwi
against the far fence).

Looking east, note the asparagus tree in the far corner. The kiwi & the asparagus were the only things to survive the conformation.  This picture were taken after I had weeded for the 2nd and last time that summer of 2000. That's when my DH made the *mistake* of coming out and saying, "I remember when this garden NEVER had a weed in it... before the koi ponds went in." So.............

Looking east, the garden area was leveled by shovel & me. Then we (mostly son Kris & I) built the first L shaped raised bed to put the dirt from the pond in to grow veggies. We had so much dirt another bed was put close to the fence.

Looking west, trench for the 3" pipe going to a future filter and the start of another L shaped bed. Kris would put dirt in the wheel barrel and I would transfer it to the raised beds. There was not a way to dump it in, so essentially we both dug the pond.

This is the piping for the bottom drain (Tetra Bell) and skimmer (future no-niche skimmer).

Hole with unit in place. Very important, it must be level for the skimmer to set and work correctly.

Cement to stabilize unit. This is where my DH learned not to send this woman to pick out concrete (like I would send him to pick out female supplies?) I picked up stuff that was so quick setting it about ruined his mixer. But boy, did they work fast!

Once the liner went in, the bottom drain was cut and fasten to the liner by the bulk head than plugged, for the skimmer pipe we used Greg Bickal's Pipe Boot. We will cut the pipe later for the skimmer when the filter goes in.

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