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A model, for show & tell, to raise money from other organizations.

The Tetra bottom drain and No Nitch skimmer. Both connected into the same 3" pipe.

The waterfall.

The stream & waterfall.

The Chemist (my DH) adding Hydrochloric Acid to leach the mortar. It was a one time thing using 36% acid, and it was free.

Kris (alias Filter Boy, Computer Boy, Webmaster of JJ's Ponds) by the waterfall.

Jan (JJ) by the waterfall. What's under the board covered by rocks?

The filter barrels in relation to the pond.

The pond with newly installed plants.

On the day of the pond tour Sept. 2000. Note one of the touree's is checking out the open cell foam in the bio-filter, upper right hand corner.

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