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Placing the liner for the stream.

Two big rocks are where the waterfall cascades over a piece of slate. The idea being it would fall into the little pool below. Unfortunately the slate was placed too far out and it hits mostly beyond the pool. Needless to say, lots of splash.

Looking South. Rocks are dry stacked at this time.

Looking North. Rocks are dry stacked.

The filter, far right prefilter (up-flow). Center, 2 horizontal flow bio-filters. Far left pump chamber, (excuse the dirt) with pump camlocked into place.

The weekend of torture. The start of mortaring all the rocks in. I put in 9 hrs. that day, some put in as many as 14 hrs.

Now after looking at all that dirt and aridness, doesn't this picture look grand? Yellow Iris and water cress in bloom, my pond.

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