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These are some of my pond photos, click for a larger photo:

Bouquet of Swamp Hibiscus & Marsh Marigolds.

Xmas spitter fish.

Late winter '01, just before I took off the screens that I normally take off after leaf fall. Unfortunately the leaves didn't fall till very late winter as we had no winds to knock them off.

Water Hibiscus, I have to trim the hibiscus due to screening and these were the last of the blooms. They make a wonderful arrangement. By leaving them out on my deck with the cool nights the normally one day blooms would last 3 days.

Winter 00/01 in the living room. Xmas Cactus in bloom. This year I left the tropical plants downstairs in front of a window on a table in containers of water rather than worrying about any bug problem they might bring in. Luckily I was bug free this year, both upstairs and down.

I love Morning Glories. This was a new version, blue & white stripes. This summer '01 I was so busy with putting in the new pond I didn't get around to seeding any and I miss them. Even the multi-colored ones that normally re-seed themselves didn't come back.
August '01. The koi ponds, I removed 8 plants out of here to the Lily Pond and I still manage to have too many.
The wind chimes, this deck over looks the koi ponds. Small black tub on the patio is my frog pond, where the local tree frogs breed. Course next year they will have the whole Lily pond.

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